Participants Code of Behaviour




To participate in our Gymnastics Program, you must follow the rules set out below:

  1. Make sure you wash or sanitise your hands when you enter the gym.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing to gymnastics.
  1. Do not wear jewellery when doing gymnastics.
  1. Hair must be neatly tied back so it will not fall into your eyes.
  1. Show respect to your other gymnasts and your coaches.
  1. Do not use acts of aggression, no hitting, no pushing or bullying.
  1. Listen carefully to instructions given by your gym coaches. It is for your safety as well as other participants.
  1. Take care for the equipment provided to you as part of your program.
  1. Be kind to other gymnasts when they are trying their best.

    10. Conduct yourself in a respectful manner relating to language and temper.



January 2021


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